Love in Black, Dream on Me

Dream until your dreams come true.

*The Beatles~ Aerosmith~ Bon Jovi~ Queen~ AC/DC~ Pink Floyd~ Megadeth~ Bob Marley~ Deep Purple~ Dream Theater~ The Eagles~ Evanescence~ Gun's N' Roses~ Haggard~ Iron Maiden~ Kings Of Leon~ Led Zeppelin~ Metallica~ Rolling Stones~ Michael Jakson~ The Doors~ Ozzy Osbourne~ The Red Hot Chili Peppers~ R.E.M~ Scorpion~ TEOMAN

*The Walking Dead~ Sherlock~ House M.D~ Pretty Little Liars~ The Vampire Diaries~ Spartacus~ Game Of Thrones~ Revolution~ LEYLA İLE MECNUN~ GÜNEŞİ BEKLERKEN

*The Lord Of The Rings~ Amélie~ V for Vendetta~ Harry Potter~ One Day~ Notebook~ AŞK TESADÜFLERİ SEVER

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You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
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